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The deployment of software during development, as well as in production, is more and more automated.

Continuous Integration

In development, automated software deployment solutions allow complex applications to be deployed automatically with every change to the main branch of the source code. This is known as Continuous Integration.

Continuous integration tools integrate with the source code repository (e.g. Git) to detect any changes to the main branch of the source code. When a change is made, the continuous integration tool copies the lates source code from the repository, builds it and deploys it to one or more environments. It can then trigger any suites of automated tests and transmit the results to stakeholders.

Leading continuous integration tools include Jenkins (open source), Atlassian Bamboo, IBM Rational Team Concert and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Automation Consultants provides consultancy on continuous integration and provides a service to configure build and deployment scripts for customers. It also sell the following continuous integration tools.


Dev Ops

Coninuous integration is part of a wider set of techniques known as Dev Ops. Dev Ops aims to increase the speed at which companies deploy applications to their non-production and (in some cases) production environments. Changes to production have traditionally been slow because of the need minimise the risk to the organisation's business. Dev Ops provides tools and techniques to speed these processes up without unduly increasing risk, so as to improve time to market of new software and gain competitive advantage. For example, Dev Ops tools can create thousands of servers, configure them, deploy software to them and connect them to each other and to external networks automatically.

The rise of Dev Ops has been driven in part by the increased productivity and faster development cycles of agile software development. Leading Dev Ops tools include Puppet, Chef, IBM Urban Code and Terraform.

Automation Consultants provides consultancy in varios aspects of Dev Ops.

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