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Telecoms Software

Call Data Generator

Automation Consultants' Call Data Generator creates test data for mobile billing systems, e.g. TAP, CDR and SMS record files. It can also create test data to any format with a flat or un-nested field structure...

CDR Comparator

Automation Consultants' CDR Comparator compares two sets of data records to check whether they are the same, and highlights any differences...

Enterprise File Broker Application Monitor

The Enterprise File Broker Application Monitor allows organisations to effectively monitor their enterprise file broker applications. It provides a dashboard overview of file brokering statuses through a clear...

Batch Tool (Amdocs)

The AC Batch Tool is an easily configurable, simple to use, powerful analytical tool for batch performance testing. In a few quick steps it allows the performance test analyst...

GPRS Load Injector

The movement of mobile phone providers towards billing on data volume rather than call duration requires a new approach to the load testing of mobile phone billing systems...