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Atlassian Fisheye

Do you have a big code base? Is it hard to find your way to the parts of the code which are relevant to a problem? Do you need to keep tabs on all the changes made to your code repository? If so, you need Fisheye. Atlassian Fisheye allows project managers and developers to search for and view changes quickly within a source code repository, and helps you to stay on top of progress in your code base. Contact our team of experts to discuss Fisheye and how it can help, or talk about any other popular Atlassian products, such as tools from the JIRA suite.

What is it?

Atlassian Fisheye allows developers to look at their source code in many different ways and to view its history. The read-only software supports the CVS, Git, Subversion, Perforce, and Mercurial versioning systems.

How does it work?

atlassian fisheyeFisheye provides developers with a means of viewing activities that have taken place in a source code repository. The software's search function facilitates the viewing and management of committed changes across the entire version history of your releases – even when changelogs are unsupported (as in the case of CVS). This enables architects, developers and project managers to make better, more-informed decisions about their software.

Through Fisheye, you can track such things as user activity, the history of committed changes within any time window, and the evolution of individual files. Its reporting tool supplies comprehensive reports of these views of the code and its history, which can be conveniently visualised in customised graphs or charts.

The Atlassian Fisheye notification system enables users to receive RSS or email alerts whenever a revision is made, ensuring they are always kept up to date with the latest version of the software.

Atlassian Fisheye can be integrated with other toolsets, and it is a natural fit for its native Atlassian suite. In particular, connecting Fisheye to JIRA lets developers identify the code changes responsible for any errors or anomalies.

Key features

  • Visibility – Atlassian Fisheye offers comprehensive changelogs and insights into your development activity
  • Graphical reporting – key data presented in a simple, digestible fashion
  • Atlassian integration – complementary with JIRA and other software in the Atlassian toolset
  • Centralised repositories – track activity across multiple usernames and version control systems
  • Email and RSS alerts – receive notifications with every change made to your software


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