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Atlassian support

We provide specialised Atlassian support.

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Every Atlassian solution uses a variety of products, marketplace plugins, and configurations. The vendor's tools cover a large area of the software development lifecycle and are highly customisable.

Many of them are complementary, for example:

The customisability of Atlassian products can however lead to challenges in the area of support. JIRA, for example, is highly versatile and allows for issue tracking, project management, and bug tracking: it's used by tens of thousands of companies in a variety of sectors across the world. No two implementations will be exactly alike: these companies will use different add-ons and settings, and won't combine other elements of the Atlassian suite in the same way. Some may also use it in combination with other software lifecycle tools like Hewlett Packard's Quality Center/ALM and IBM's CLM product, Rational Team Concert.

In the area of development, a developer may combine Bitbucket's cloud-based user privilege control with Crucible's peer review functionality, but use a different product for their local source code repository. Issues like particular combinations of compulsory fields and particular infrastructure configurations – i.e. networking, reverse proxies – can cause problems and interrupt your organisation's workflows.

Atlassian's support for its own products is excellent, but it will not know how your specific solution is meant to operate. AC can provide support for your specific solution. Whether you are having issues with an existing configuration or attempting to get a particular combination up and running, we have the Atlassian support knowledge necessary to make implementations work, lowering the cost and increasing the speed of application development and delivery.

Whether your Atlassian solutions are combined with other elements of the toolkit, or with third-party applications such as HP's Quality Centre Enterprise, our Atlassian experts can help you achieve the best return on investment.

With expertise across the entire software lifecycle, Atlassian support can be tailored to your specific business needs. Contact us today to talk about your requirements.


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Automation Consultants is an Atlassian Solution Partner. You can buy Atlassian Products from us on corporate terms via purchase order and invoice and benefit from our expert Atlassian consultancy and integration services.

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Automation Consultants' technical knowledge and understanding of the Rational toolset, combined with the excellent training they provide, has meant we can forge ahead with application development.

Andy King, head of test, ONS