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Agile training and coaching

Agile training overview/awareness

This course provides an introduction to the principles of agile development. It is aimed at those people contemplating a move away from traditional development methodologies who want to understand what agile has to offer them.

Our software experts use this agile training course as a 'whistle stop' tour through the terminology, 'ceremonies' and responsibilities of an Agile development team.

Having completed the agile training you will be fully conversant with the principles of agile and will have been introduced to the processes required to complete a successful agile development.

Agile scrum training

This agile scrum training course provides an in-depth exploration of the principles behind scrum - a leading agile development method. It is aimed at those people who are about to enter the agile 'world' and introduce scrum into their organisations for the first time.

The agile scrum training would also be useful for those already using scrum who may want to revisit the scrum principles in an attempt to clarify issues they have found with implementation.



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In an agile workflow changes to source code should be deployed and tested early and often – as soon as there is a working component you try it out straight away. After working with Automation Consultants all the developer had to do was click a button and wait 20 minutes to register the changes to the advertising platform.

Malcolm Reid, head of product development, Sky IQ