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Data centre migration and relocation

The decision to commit to a data centre relocation may be due to space restrictions, economic considerations, mergers and acquisitions or other strategic activity. Relocations can be in the same country or overseas and can involve the upgrade of hardware, operating systems and software versions. These relocations can often require the migration of a large number of mission critical applications and services. Data centre migrations are often very complicated, and a number of factors can impact them adversely. They include:

  • Failure to implement adequate data centre migration processes
  • Failure to identify all the components to be migrated, i.e. failure to discover the relevant services fully
  • Application degradation due to latency
  • Failure to anticipate firewall changes
  • Problems with application functionality as a result of the migration
  • Failure to provision adequate hardware

Insufficient consideration of these factors can often lead to failed data centre migration with consequences in extra cost and missed business opportunities. We have considerable experience of large data centre relocation projects for customers such as Vodafone, BSkyB and Allianz. We understand the risk involved in such a move, and provide a seamless end-to-end migration service. Contact us today about your data centre migration and relocation challenges, or about OpsWave, our software suite of data centre migration tools. 

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Using the technical expertise of Automation Consultants' people we have been able to identify and fix problems very early in the migration process thus saving valuable time.

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