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Load testing

Load testing is simply the process of putting systems under load to predict how they'll react under pressure. It's commonly used to test ecommerce websites as companies can't afford for anything to go wrong in the buying cycle, and like to simulate typical purchasing scenarios to help detect bottlenecks.

Both IBM and HP have excellent load testing tools, LoadRunner and Rational Performance Tester respectively, which we both sell and support. We also have bespoke software we've designed for specific load testing scenarios, like our hosted website load testing tool - we simulate users before sending them in the direction of your website!

Typical scenarios in which load testing has proved invaluable include:

  • Telecoms billing systems
  • Ecommerce websites – 'Christmas' testing is essential
  • HMRC tax returns websites

We are proud to employ the best software lifecycle personnel in the industry, and over a decade of load testing experience means we not only help you find your performance bottlenecks, we help you fix them too. Contact us today about load testing to find out more.


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In an agile workflow changes to source code should be deployed and tested early and often – as soon as there is a working component you try it out straight away. After working with Automation Consultants all the developer had to do was click a button and wait 20 minutes to register the changes to the advertising platform.

Malcolm Reid, head of product development, Sky IQ