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Approvals for Confluence

Approvals for Confluence provides your Confluence users with a quick but rigorous way of gathering the approvals required for your document issuance process.

As Atlassian Confluence is increasingly being used as a central knowledge base or source of truth for large organisations, making it easier for employees to find the information needed to keep work moving forward, it’s business applications also increase in scope and complexity, requiring stringent processes to handle business logic.

Many teams use Confluence to create documents that require approval by other users before being allowed to continue along the document issuance process – Approvals for Confluence implements this functionality.

Some documents you may store in Confluence include:

  • Contract Documents
  • Invoices
  • Public Relations (PR) releases
  • Product Releases
  • Performance Reports
  • Retrospectives

The fast and good-looking App seamlessly integrates into the Confluence interface.

Once you have inserted an Approval into the page, you are presented with several options that will enhance the functionality of the Approval system:

  • Expire approvals on page updates
  • Prevent un-approval once approval has been given
  • Send Email notifications on approval changes

These options can be used on their own, or together, to build the right kind of approval for your page.

Use the built-in auto-completing user selector, title and several feature modification options to customise the Approval.

The interface implements the new Atlassian Design Guidelines for a seamless experience, giving your users a fun and good-looking way to ask for and give approval on documents.

The App is continually being improved, with new features being added over time, to implement features that our customers have asked for.


You can start using Approvals for Confluence for free, with a 30 day trial available for your Cloud site on the Atlassian Marketplace:

Try Approvals for Confluence for free on the Atlassian Marketplace


You can also check out the documentation site, to view how the plugin works and common actions that users will perform when the App is installed:

View Detailed Documentation on our App Knowledge Base


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