Complete Implementation of Jira Service Desk for Blind Veterans UK

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Blind Veterans UK (BVUK) is a charity that provides services and support to ex-service men and women with visual impairments. Due to the increasing size of their customer base, BVUK had a requirement to implement a more up-to-date IT service desk where their technicians could track and monitor bugs and issues, as well as manage teams, processes and projects more efficiently. One of BVUK’s main requirements was that the software implemented must provide clear visibility of the status/progress of the work done on the issues raised.


AC suggested the use of Atlassian applications Jira Service Desk (to track and manage all issues) and Confluence (to document all information needed both by the technicians and service desk users). AC advised Blind Veterans UK on the infrastructure they would need to smoothly run both applications, before carrying out the full installation and set-up of the products. This included:

  • Setting up mail servers and handlers to process incoming and outgoing messages
  • Creating automation rules to automate a variety of areas, including setting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), approvals and triggering Jira status transitions, based on external input
  • Designing and creating complex workflows to map the processes used by the charity – without needing to alter their already streamlined processes
  • Creating a range of queues to group issues together, to be used by the IT technicians to easily manage the service requests created via the service desk
  • Extensive testing of the set-up of both applications
  • Fully training all technicians on how to use the software


Blind Veterans UK benefited from AC’s experience in implementing a vast range of IT and software solutions, with particular expertise with the Atlassian toolset. They now have the software in place that has been tailored to their needs, allowing them to easily and clearly manage all of the charity’s IT issues. BVUK’s several hundred staff and volunteers have access to the customised, easy-to-use service desk that is provided by the configured Atlassian software, where they can log issues, communicate with the IT technicians and refer to the charity’s documentation that they have access to. The charity has continued to use AC’s services to receive IT support to ensure their applications continue to run smoothly, a testament to the services delivered.

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