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BT Openreach is a multi-billion pound business that is responsible for the nationwide local BT network, employing a 25,000-strong field engineering team, who carry out more than 3.5 million home visits per year, installing new lines and upgrading networks. A government requirement of Openreach was to ensure Equivalence of Access’ to BT’s local loop telephone lines, for different broadband providers, including BT’s own broadband service.


AC is participating in the performance testing of the IT infrastructure needed to ensure Equivalence of Access’ to BT’s local loop telephone lines. Adequate performance of the Openreach IT platform is key to BT satisfying regulatory requirements set by Ofcom. The performance tests involve the sending of encrypted ebXML messages through a B2B gateway and monitoring the return of asynchronous responses. The team developed customised test tools to send the messages, receive the responses asynchronously and to log and display the results.


Adequate performance testing is a requirement set by Ofcom and AC is helping to ensure that such tests are performed and any necessary changes made to the IT infrastructure to meet performance requirements.