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The client developed a common workstation desktop, to be deployed across the entire organisation, via a Citrix Presentation Server. The performance testing department needed to be able to verify the robustness and stability of the common workstation desktop, before rolling it out to the 1000 end users within the organisation.


AC produced a suite of Citrix scripts required to performance test their office applications. AC then exercised the applications by simulating the operations as individual users. AC completed the testing project and was able to confirm that the system could scale to target. AC then trained the performance team in the Citrix scripting techniques, in order to enable the team to script and run is own Citrix load tests in the future.


The client selected AC on account of AC’s considerable experience with load testing Citrix applications, using Mercury LoadRunner. AC is a preferred Mercury testing partner and an expert in the field of performance testing. AC has developed a library of Citrix functions that significantly reduces the time needed to create LoadRunner Citrix scripts.