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Vivista is a leading supplier of computer systems for ‘The National Strategy for Police Information Systems’ (NSPIS). NSPIS is being introduced to improve the way cases are processed from custody to court. Vivista required an automated test harnesses for the NSPIS Custody project to ensure that custody sergeants meet the rigorous requirements of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) by following strict detention procedures.


Automation Consultants built a full automated regression suite for the NSPIS Custody project. This suite allowed the Vivista test team to test both night and day which significantly reduced testing timescales.

In addition, Automation Consultants was asked to performance test the NPSIS Custody application which AC accomplished by building a suite of Mercury LoadRunner scripts to simulate the end user load on the system. Automation Consultants was able to identify and resolve a number of problems that prevented the system from functioning at higher user loads.


As a result of the work carried out by AC, the NSPIS Custody system performed successfully when it was delivered to the Police