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Part of Westinghouse’s latest signaling solution is a data preparation system, developed in-house, that specifically manages the signals and points within a section of track. The software is safety-critical and must therefore be developed to railway industry fail-safe standards.

The testing of the data preparation system is very expensive due to the large number of man-hours needed to test each possible signaling outcome, to ensure that not only the correct functional outcome is reached, but that in case of failure, the system always fails safe.


AC developed a software solution to assist in the testing of the data preparation software. This took the form of a solid state interlocking data injector / verifier. This solution removes much of the manual testing by allowing the testing signaling engineer to analyse the requests being made by the test engineer through the software, save requests made as scripts and replay these saved scripts at will.


The system has subsequently been shipped globally and is implemented in Westinghouse’s formal quoting procedure to reduce their external outsourced testing costs.