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The pace of change in the utilities sectors has increased rapidly in recent years. Factors such as increased competition, regulatory changes, environmental pressures and new technologies (smart meters for example) have presented significant challenges.

We understand that new initiatives focussed on customer retention and satisfaction will bring significant changes to the application landscape within utility firms. Our experience covers a range of industry specific systems including:

  • Workforce management systems (SAP, Maximo)
  • Workforce scheduling systems (Click)
  • Mobile Workforce Management Systems
  • Geospatial Information Systems (ESRI)
  • Financial Systems (Oracle eBusiness)
  • Device Transformations Projects (Mobile and Tablet)
  • Smart Metering

We assist organisations in the utilities sector improve the software delivery process in the following ways:

  • Implementation of agile delivery processes
  • Environment and interface virtualisation
  • Automation of the build and delivery process (continuous integration and devops)
  • Automation of the software testing process (functional testing automation and performance testing)

Recognising the scale, complexity and potential impact of smart metering, we have established a dedicated practice specifically focussing on smart metering and smart grid. We are able to draw on our in-depth knowledge and expertise across generation, energy trading, power networks, water and sewerage, retail and smart metering to develop innovative software lifecycle solutions with our clients that deliver real and sustainable value.

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