Requirements management is important to every software and IT project. Traditionally, requirements are set out in a functional specification or similar document. In agile projects, requirements are expressed as epics or user stories. Agile allows greater flexibility to change requirements during the course of a project and does not require all requirements to be mapped out in detail in advance. Either way, clearly expressed, coherent requirements facilitate a successful project.

A number of tools exist to support the drafting and review of requirements. These tools store the requirements in a central repository and allow stakeholders to view and edit them subject to appropriate permissions. All users see the latest version of the requirements. This is much more efficient than writing the requirements in a word processor document and circulating them by email.

Requirements management repositories can also interface with project management tools including agile project management tools so that the requirements are automatically turned into user stories or tasks in the project management tool. This improves efficiency and reduces the possibility of omitting requirements from the development plans. It also allows any changes to the requirements to flow through automatically to the project managment tool and other downstream tools.

Leading requirements management tools include

Automation Consultants provides consultancy in making the best use of these and other reuirements management tools, and can advise you on optimising your requirements management process.