Rational Integration Tester (IBM Green Hat)

Formerly called IBM Green Hat, Rational Integration Tester prevents integration problems by enabling iterative and agile development.

Work in Rational Integration Tester is carried out in a number of different perspectives:

  • Architecture School: shows the system to be tested in diagammatic form. The user adds the main components of the sytem to the diagram and completes Rational Integration Tester IBM Green Hat 1the links between them. This creates a high level model of the system under test within IBM Rational Integration Tester.
  • Requirements Library: a repository of requirements expressed as messages (requests) to be handled by IBM service virtualization.
  • Recording Studio: the Recording Studio is used to monitor and record events in the system under test. Recording Studio would typically be used to record events which would be replayed during a test with certain programmed alterations to simulate desired scenarios.
  • Test Factory: the perspective in which tests are created, together with any supporting data or other artifacts.
  • Test Lab: the perspective from which tests created in the Test Factory are executed. Note that tests carried out from Test Lab are limited in duration. To carry out extended tests it is necessary to use IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (see below).
  • Results Gallery: shows the results of tests or suites of tests executed in the test lab. The results can be presented in a wide range of reports.

Key features of Rational Integration Tester include:

  • Virtualisation of middleware ensuring the agile development of applicationsRational Integration Tester IBM Green Hat 2
  • Support for SWIFT 2014 Message Type standard
  • A Java virtualisation proxy to enable the recording and virtualisation of Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) calls
  • ‘Scaled-out’ scenarios involving multiple stubs
  • Testing, recording, and virtualisation of services that use SI Bus
  • Event recording facilitating exporting and uploading from Rational Integration Tester to Rational Test Control Panel