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Votes for Confluence

Engage your Users with Interactive Polling and Voting on your Confluence pages

Poll Macro for Confluence allows you to engage your users with interactive polling and voting on your Confluence pages. Whether you are requesting feedback on your latest changes or planning your next staff party, Poll Macro for Confluence allows you to gauge user opinion with ease.

Simple to Use

Creating polls is a breeze. Add as many options as you need and select from a range of options.

Integrated Charting

The integrated charting allows you to visualise current votes clearly and easily.

Key Features

The Poll Macro for Confluence lets you easily add Polling and Voting capabilities to your Confluence pages, by adding a new macro which can be customised with a question (or title) and several options which can be voted on by users of the system who can access the page.

The macro has several options:

  • Allow users to change their vote
  • Allow/Disallow seeing existing votes before the user has voted

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