AC Skytap(EaaS)

Automation Consultants together with our partner SkyTap, can now offer one of the world’s most advanced solutions for migrating and managing development and test environments in the cloud.

This hosted development Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) enables enterprise teams to spin-up or tear down dev/test environments in seconds or minutes, not days or weeks. Using AC Skytap, customers can deploy releases faster with higher quality, while eliminating up to 95% of the cost of provisioning, manual configuration and integration issues.

Hosted Development Environments

  • Development and Test Labs
  • Hosted development environments
  • Virtual Training Labs
  • HP ALM, IBM CLM and IT Sandboxes
  • Professional Migration Services to the Cloud

AC Skytap offers easy-to-use browser-based management interfaces that automate many difficult management tasks behind the scenes with one or two clicks, as well as a REST API and build commands for responding to programmatic approaches. Customers can run on AC Skytap’s global cloud lab infrastructure, as well as leveraging leading cloud infrastructure services such as Softlayer.

AC Skytap EaaS is developed and delivered as a unified on-demand solution on top of a cloud infrastructure, and priced on a capacity and usage basis. Moving conventional on-premise hardware and VMs to Skytap is a fast and fully supported process that doesn’t require you to rewrite applications. Once Skytap is in place, teams can start provisioning and sharing their own fully contained lab environments in minutes, saving days of waiting and configuration time.

To see where AC Skytap can create transformational value in your IT environments contact us today.