Citrix Functional Library

The Citrix Function Library is a library of C functions to be used in conjunction with Mercury LoadRunner. These functions simplify the process of creating reliable LoadRunner scripts for Citrix performance-testing. The function library may be bought on its own or with consultancy and training in how to use it.

Citrix Systems Inc. is a leading provider of application deployment solutions. Its Presentation Server product (formerly MetaFrame) enables desktop users to access any software which can run on a Windows or UNIX system using only a Citrix “thin” client. It is not necessary to install the application software on the user’s desktop, instead the application software is installed on one or more Citrix servers. The Citrix servers then deliver the application to Citrix clients installed on users’ desktops and it looks to them as if the application software is installed locally. This enables IT administrators to upgrade their organisation’s software and control who can access what without needing access to users’ desktops. In many circumstances, Citrix clients use less network bandwidth than application software clients. These features can deliver substantial cost savings, especially in large organisations, and have made Citrix a popular choice among them.

Performance-testing applications delivered via Citrix

Organisations which use Citrix often need to performance-test the applications delivered through Citrix. Such testing encompasses not only the application itself, but also the Citrix servers and the network. It can be used to determine the number of end-users each Citrix server can support and thus the number of Citrix servers needed for each application.

The Citrix Function Library

Mercury LoadRunner is well-suited for Citrix performance testing. The tool records the network traffic to and from a Citrix client and from it produces a script in C. It is normally necessary to add further C code to the script to get it to work reliably. Automation Consultants has been involved in a large number of Citrix performance testing assignments and has developed considerable experience in writing the C code needed to get LoadRunner Citrix scripts to work reliably. Most of the functionality of this code has been packaged into functions which make it easier and quicker to get scripts working.

The library can be bought as a package or with consultancy from Automation Consultants.