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Jira Performance Tuning with Cleaner for Jira

Jira performance tuning and adjustment is essential, especially as the size of your installation grows. However, many teams find themselves contending with unused elements in Jira that slow down indexing, have a negative impact on organisation, and waste money.

Cleaner for Jira is an app developed by Automation Consultants which enables you to find, analyse and remove unused elements in your Jira instance, including projects, custom fields and users.


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How does Cleaner for Jira work?

Here are just a few of the main functions of Cleaner for Jira: 

Generate suggested improvements: once you’ve installed Cleaner for Jira, the app scans your Jira instance to detect any unused elements that might affect performance, before providing you with a clear list of issues to address and improvements to make.

Delete redundant custom fields: one common problem that can slow down your Jira instance is having too many unused or redundant custom fields. Cleaner for Jira gives you back control by speeding up indexing and analysing all customer fields to see how they are used. Any that do not serve a useful purpose can be deleted in bulk: this is essential for Jira performance tuning.

Highlight unused licenses: what’s more, Cleaner for Jira helps you optimise your license agreement. It detects inactive users quickly and easily, enabling you to disable those who haven’t logged in within a specified period, saving you time and money. The inactive period is customisable and can be set to suit the organisation.


Download Cleaner for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace now


Why choose Cleaner for Jira? 

Install Cleaner for Jira today to benefit from: 

Increased speed: by removing unused elements, Cleaner for Jira boosts the speed of your Jira instance when creating, editing and viewing issues.

Improved organisation: Cleaner for Jira encourages a clear, logical and collaborative Jira configuration by making sure all elements are in active use.

Cost savings: Cleaner for Jira is a cost-effective and valuable addition to any Jira instance – and makes sure you are not wasting money on unused licenses.