MQ Series Load Tester

MQ Series Load Tester is a Java add-on for load testing tools that publishes messages onto MQ and is unique in the way that it modifies and replays captured MQ messages. This is achieved by running a VUGen script within Mercury Performance Center or Mercury LoadRunner. The product also runs as a standard script within Compuware QA Load and can be extended to any load test tool that runs native Java code.

The basis for MQ Series Load Tester is to add Java code to the VUGen script to perform the following operations:

  • Make a connection to the MQ Series Queue Manager
  • Parameterise and load the message into the script
  • Publish the message onto the MQ Series Queue
  • Receive a confirmation that the message has arrived at the target system

Adding timing points to the script, to measure the end-to-end timing of the message, can further enhance the product. The Java code within the VUGen script loads the message from a data file, which is parameterised using standard VUGen functionality. This method of message parameterisation has been developed for XML, text or binary data.


Key features of the product are its reusability and flexibility.


This is a valuable investment for anyone who is interested in testing the performance of their system, from the message broker layer onwards.