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Atlassian Stride

Team communication is essential in the workplace, and the better the communication, the more effective the workforce. Messaging today, although instant, is often sent and received via many different platforms throughout the day, which can interrupt concentration, hampering productivity and making it difficult to track the progress of discussions and their subsequent action points.

Disparate and disjointed conversations can quickly become very complex and noisy. The sheer volume of messages sometimes makes it difficult to keep discussions focused. And when you can’t easily access your team conversations as and when you need to – and in a consistent fashion – it’s very easy to lose track of what is important.

You need to record and classify these conversations, and where appropriate translate them into decisions and actions.

Enter Atlassian Stride: a messaging application designed to redefine how teams collaborate in the workplace.

Key features of Atlassian Stride

Atlassian Stride brings teams and apps into one place and gives you the tools you need to get work done efficiently. You can share work, have a quick chat and jump into an impromptu video meeting – all while maintaining a laser focus on your core objectives.  If you need to take a conversation off to the side for a bit of privacy, you can. If conversations get too busy, you simply adjust notification controls so that you’re not disturbed by an overload of alerts.

It’s a full communication toolkit at your fingertips. It supports IM, audio and video communication – all from one dashboard. Tools for applications such as screen-sharing and document sharing are built in, enhancing collaboration across multiple teams. Atlassian Stride also allows both audio and video communications to be recorded, enabling users to review key meetings and conversations at a later date, and those who missed the meeting to catch up on it afterwards.

Atlassian Stride integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Atlassian suite – including Jira Software and Trello. This means that while you’re participating in a meeting in Stride, you’ll be able to create and receive all the relevant updates on the progress of any project issues.

The built-in Focus Mode allows users to shield themselves from distractions. This is particularly useful when you need to get your head down and focus on work. As soon as you’re in Focus Mode, Stride will tell your other team members that you’re busy, and indicate what you’re busy with and when you’ll be free to chat.

Atlassian Stride is a cloud-only product – for both desktop and mobile use.

Stride is similar to HipChat in many ways. However, while HipChat Data Center edition is still available, HipChat Cloud and HipChat Server have been withdrawn.

Atlassian Stride solutions from Automation Consultants

Automation Consultants is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. We provide consultancy and solutions for the entire Atlassian software suite, including, of course, Stride.  

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you adopt the best Atlassian software solutions for your organisation’s needs. Our services include Atlassian hosting, licensing, Atlassian training, application migration, and testing to overcome complex IT issues.

To learn more about Atlassian Stride and what it can do for your business, get in touch with the Automation Consultants team today.

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