Atlassian Hipchat

Inefficient email and phone traffic slowing down your projects? Team not collaborating on tasks as efficiently as they could be? Require a secure, internal messaging service and want something that integrates seamlessly with other Atlassian products like JIRA Core? Contact our Atlassian experts about Atlassian HipChat or scroll down for more information on what is does, why it’s useful and its key features.

What is HipChat?

Atlassian’s HipChat is a hosted chat service intended to enable members of a company or organisation to chat such that their conversations are kept securely within the organisation and a record is kept of them. HipChat prioritises flexibility and spontaneity of communication and integrates with JIRA and other Atlassian products.


Why is HipChat useful?

HipChat PricingHipChat brings the convenience of instant messaging without relying on insecure public chat services. It allows teams to collaborate more easily and thus work more effectively

HipChat’s main strengths are:

  • It reduces inefficient phone and email traffic.
  • It is secure, keeping all conversations within the organisation.
  • It keeps a searchable record of technical and commercial details which could otherwise be lost or hard to find.
  • It is cross-platform, working with all common operating systems and browsers and all common mobile platforms.
  • It integrates with JIRA and other Atlassian products, so that JIRA issues can be linked to relevant chats.
  • Users can rapidly alert colleagues and invite them to relevant conversations.
  • New chatrooms can be set up and taken down easily, allowing each topic to have its own space.
  • Users can enter or leave chat rooms as required.

Key features:

HipChat allows spontaneous, rich team chat using video calling and screen sharing as well as text. HipChat lets you set up and take down virtual meeting rooms instantly and have team members enter and leave the rooms as required. All content of current and previous discussions persists and is searchable, while being kept secure, so you can refer back quickly to previous exchanges. Specific chat rooms about particular issues can be created, resulting in easily referenceable spaces particularly convenient when solving problems. The system can alert users to new developments in a certain chat or regarding a certain issue, allowing them to stay abreast of topics in a more fluid way than email.

HipChat can be aligned with JIRA and other Atlassian applications. This facilitates workflow, and also allows for the contingency of employees departing: it is easy to remove these employees from HipChat as well as from any other Atlassian applications whilst keeping their data, such as contributed chats, on the server for others to access and reference.

HipChat’s spontaneity and flexibility makes a significant positive difference to productivity every day. Because these interactions are automatically archived, your entire conversation history is instantly searchable.

With video call and screen sharing functionality, you can control the type of conversation as well as the participants.

HipChat is more secure than public chat software, which is not secure enough for many organisations, and is often limited to text, but HipChat pricing is typically better than other private chat software. HipChat uses 256-bit SSL encryption – a greater level of protection than public services like GChat and Skype can offer. HipChat’s functionality provides further measures which improve security; for example, if you need to bring clients or other third parties into your conversation, you have full control over what they are permitted to view, reducing the risk of sensitive or inappropriate information being seen. The service also keeps any chat related to company matters inside the remit of the organisation, again improving security by minimising the risk of leaked information.

Further features include the following.

  • Security – HipChat uses the same security encryption as many online banks and allows you to restrict the view of guest users.
  • Instant online meetings – better collaboration by communicating with your co-workers instantly and effectivelyVideo and screen sharing as well as text-based instant messaging with the ability to @message individual users for a prompt response to important queries.
  • Seamless integration – the service works in tandem with JIRA and the rest of the Atlassian toolset, and Automation Consultants offers full HipChat support and corporate HipChat pricing options.
  • Customisation – control when and how you are issued alerts and notifications.
  • Complete archives – comprehensive message histories are kept for all users.

As of June 2017, Automation Consultants is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

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