Jira Core

Do you need to keep better track of your business processes? Need a tool that can integrate perfectly with other Atlassian products and provide you the level of tracking and management you need to keep your business up to speed? Jira Core can manage almost any business process.

JIRA coreAs of June 2017, Automation Consultants is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

Talk to our Atlassian experts today to discuss how the versatility of Jira Core can help you all across your business, or scroll down to read more about the key points and features of Jira Core.

What is it?

Jira Core is a customisable web application developed by Atlassian. It is available in the cloud or locally installed on a server. Jira is an issue tracking tool and can be used for a wide range of business functions, such as work items (jobs), legal cases, HR, operations, marketing and more.  In these cases, an issue would respectively be a job, a legal case and an employee. Agile project management and service desk functionality, which used to be common applications of Jira, are now handled by dedicated editions of Jira, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. For getting started quickly, a Jira Core subscription for up to ten users can be taken out in minutes. Larger corporate installations tend to reside on local servers and may be heavily customised.

Why is it useful?

JIRA System Dashboard

Jira Core works by tracking issues, such as jobs, cases or employees. It happens that many business processes can be managed in an issue-based way and since Jira Core is highly customisable and extensible (by means of add-ons), it can be used to support a very wide range of business processes. Customisation includes the creation of fields; specifying fields as mandatory or not; and the definition of workflow, e.g. when and how issues change status. Extensibility is achieved through add-ons. Jira Core has a standard published plugin interface and there is a range of over 2,000 add-ons developed by Atlassian and third parties to cater for all types of business requirement. Add-ons are available in the Atlassian Marketplace, a kind of app store for add-ons. Some are paid for; others are free of charge.

Jira Core can be extended for a wide range of tasks, including

  • Portfolio management
  • Physical and software asset management
  • Time sheets and time planning
  • HR management

Key features

  • Custom dashboards – the Jira landing page can be customised using Gadgets (widgets) to present information that is relevant to you or your team.
  • Customise workflows – using the visual workflow designer you are able to create your own workflow to represent business processes.
  • Create Issues and Comments via email – interact with Jira Core without having to log in.
  • Create reports to visualise team performance.
  • Subscribe to notifications relating to issues that might be of interest to you.