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As an Atlassian Expert (i.e. partner) we provide Jira support services to companies throughout the UK.

Jira is well known as a useful and versatile tool that can streamline your development, test and service desk processes (among many others). Its standard API allows it to integrate with other Atlassian tools and over 1,500 Atlassian and third-party plugins / add-ons to make complete solutions. This high level of versatility allows the user to tailor it to their specific business processes.

This versatility also makes it important for organisations to ensure that they are applying best practice to their use of Jira, and that their Jira installation keeps up with improvements to the tool and related add-ons and changes in the organisation. The wide range of configurations and add-ons can make it difficult for an organisation to be sure that it is using Jira in the best way, and if the organisation changes it is important that its Jira installation changes with it. For example projects within Jira can sometimes be abandoned due to employee churn or internal change. Relocation or restructuring can result in projects within Jira being without project leaders, Jira roles being obsolete; and Jira workflows no longer fitting with those of the real business. If the organisation’s management and/or strategy changes, projects within Jira may no longer be aligned to business objectives.

Automation Consultants provides the Jira support and Atlassian expertise needed to ensure your organisation is following best practice, and making the most of its Jira and other Atlassian tools. This applies both to new installations and to established ones where the use of Jira may have shifted out of alignment with your business or where the availability of new features and add-ons is not being exploited fully.

To achieve this result, Automation Consultants will bring to bear its software lifecycle automation and application lifecycle management (ALM) knowledge, combined with Jira support expertise, to ensure your Jira installation is working as well and cost effectively as possible.

Our ALM experience is particularly valuable when combining Jira with its many plug-ins or other Atlassian products like Confluence. And as an HP and IBM partner we can also support Jira integration with tools such as Micro Focus’s Quality Centre Enterprise or IBM’s Rational Team Concert .

So regardless of whether your Jira support requirements involve stakeholder surveys to get wayward projects back on track or ALM integration, we have the experience and expertise to make all of your Atlassian solutions work harder for your organisation.

Contact us today to discuss your Jira support requirements.

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