HP Products

At Automation Consultants, we are full HP Enterprise partners and authorised UK resellers of the full range of HP Enterprise Software, including HP’s application lifecycle management (ALM) software, HP Quality Center and HP LoadRunner. Our status as HP Enterprise partners means you can buy these products from us at a significant discount to the list price. We also provide full support and training, so if needed, you can benefit from our expert service in helping you get started with the tools or in improving your existing work practices with them.

Automated testing products make up an important part of the application lifecycle management product range. As HP Enterprise partners, we’re on a mission to automate as many aspects of the software life cycle as possible as this improves efficiency, saves money, and gets IT projects completed faster.


LoadRunnerThe market leading performance test tool. LoadRunner tests the performance of an IT system by simulating the actions of multiple simultaneous users.
Unified Functional TestingAutomates functional tests by recording the actions of a user on the system under test and replaying the actions on demand to execute a test.
Quality Center EnterpriseQuality Center software is a software tool for test management. It is designed to be used by teams of testers to: store tests; co-ordinate test execution; store test results; and record, disseminate and track defects.
Application Security CenterA suite of products designed to test the security of websites.