IBM Products

Automation Consultants is an authorised IBM Rational partner and reseller of software in the UK. We sell a variety of tools in the Rational suite, including IBM’s Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager. You can buy these products from Automation Consultants and as an IBM Rational partner, we are able to offer them at a significant discount to the list price.

The IBM Rational software platform for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides a complete set of tools, best practices, and methodologies spanning the entire software lifecycle. This platform enables a unified collaborative effort to orchestrate activities across engineering teams, software development teams, project management and lines of business.

As an IBM Rational partner, Automation Consultants has unrivalled UK expertise in IBM’s CLM. Automating the software lifecycle reduces software development and deployment times from weeks to hours.

Rational Quality ManagerRational Quality Manager delivers a collaborative hub for business-driven software and systems quality across virtually any platform and type of testing
Rational Functional TesterRational Functional Tester provides testers with automated testing capabilities for functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing and data-driven testing
Rational Performance TesterProvides testers with automated performance testing capabilities to validate the scalability of web and server based applications
Rational Team ConcertOrchestrates software lifecycle activites by providing planning, process, product intregration and reporting across the whole lifecycle
Rational Integration TesterService test and virtualization software for simplifying the testing of complex web services and messaging buses
Rational Requirements ComposerRational Requirements Composer is a repository for storing the requirements to which a software program is developed
Rational Test Virtualization ServerRational Test Virtualization Server enables you to create and deploy virtual applications.
Rational Test WorkbenchRational Test Workbench ensures integrated applications are tested early stage to avoid problems further down the software development lifecycle.