RTC Support

Rational Team Concert (RTC) is one of IBM’s most popular CLM products and is a key component of many enterprise development operations. With agile, waterfall, or custom methodologies available, it can increase development efficiency and considerably improve existing processes.

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However, as a complex tool, RTC can require expert support. Whether that’s configuration support for teams moving from waterfall methodologies to agile, or tools like Microsoft Project to ones which support more collaborative working; RTC support for teams looking to migrate their RTC installation from data centre to data centre, or support for teams looking to run projects with a comprehensive tool designed to manage the whole software lifecycle (including source code control), then we’re here to help.

As an IBM value added partner since 2011, we provide RTC support in the form of implementation, configuration, mentoring, and training. We can solve many of the problems that might arise when using RTC and optimise it so that your enterprise development operations exceed expectations. With 15 years of testing experience combined with project management expertise, we’re perfectly equipped to support your RTC lifecycle management and can help you develop standard RTC workflows for all your RTC projects, which promotes efficiency in your development teams and reduces the cost of your internal support.

We implemented this standardisation, and project migration from legacy tools, for the Office for National Statistics – click here to read more about how we helped the government department overcome its process configuration and CLM migration challenges, building on a successful effort to develop a Rational Functional Tester automation framework.

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