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What is Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management SaaS?

Micro Focus ALM SaaS is a complete, cloud-based agile software development management system. It includes requirements management, agile project management and Micro Focus’ market leading Quality Center test management tools. All are integrated to provide seamless traceability from requirements through project management to testing. In short, Micro Focus ALM is a comprehensive repository for all elements created during the creation of new software.

Why is it useful?

Micro Focus ALM SaaS provides a collaborative environment for managing the entire software development process.

The software combines a requirements management system, agile project management and test management. These components allow requirements to be traced through the development and test process to ensure that the project team is delivering what has been specified by the business requirements, and that the fulfilled requirements have been validated by tests. It helps ensure that defects are detected early, which makes them easier and cheaper to correct.

The test management component of ALM is Quality Center, the industry standard test management tool. Quality Center has been the industry standard test management tool for over a decade. It allows a more thorough, feature rich and usable management of testing than almost any other test management tool. It handles complex sets of tests with ease and integrates with a wide range of test automation tools.

Accessing Micro Focus’ ALM is made easier by our AC Access service. The AC Access service allows you flexible, on-demand access to Micro Focus ALM ‘s market leading products as well as support from our software lifecycle experts.

Features of our Access service

  • Fast access to Micro Focus ALM, Micro Focus Quality Center, Micro Focus Agile Manager and Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM)
  • Pay-as-you-go model enabling quick expansion and contraction to project demands
  • Open interface to other popular design and build software: DOORS, Jenkins & Bamboo

AC uses the latest software lifecycle tools, processes and technology to lower the cost and increase the speed of application development and delivery and is an Microfocus Gold partner.

Use the diagram below to see the Micro Focus SaaS applications, that we as a certified Micro Focus software partner, can offer.

Our HP ALM services diagram

Pricing is based on a flexible payment model on a per user per month basis.

We provide first line support (9am to 5pm) as well as our own implementation services to help accelerate Micro Focus ALM adoption.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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