Mobile Cloud Automation

What is MobileCloud Automation?

Perfecto MobileCloud Automation Device

MobileCloud Automation is a way to record and run automated functional tests on mobile apps running on real mobile devices. MobileCloud Automation is based on the MobileCloud platform, a way of accessing a many mobile devices via a single, browser-based interface. MobileCloud Automation allows user actions to be recorded, stored in a script and played back, thus creating automated tests. The script can work across multiple mobile devices and so it is only necessary to script once and the output can be run on many mobile devices – “ScriptOnce”.

Why is MobileCloud Automation useful?

MobileCloud helps you develop high quality mobile apps quickly. Just like other software, mobile apps must be tested, and test automation increases the efficiency of producing high-quality code. MobileCloud Automation provides one of the most efficient ways to automate tests on mobile applications. The MobileCloud platform gives access to a range of mobile devices via a single, cloud-based interface; and a single recording of a script can be played back over multiple devices, for example a range of iOS and Android devices. Scripts can be stored in MobileCloud’s own scripting language or they can be integrated into scripts in the leading functional test tools HP UFT and Selenium. In summary, MobileCloud Automation provides access to a wide range of mobile devices; it allows scripts to be recorded which work across all devices; and it integrates with other test tools to facilitate the management of large suites of scripts.

Key features

  • Scripting: scripts can be produced either by recording user actions or by coding directly. MobileCloud Automation scripts are recorded in MobileCloud’s own language, and logic and parameters (variables) can be added to the script after recording. Recordings a made at an object level, giving robustness across different devices, but can also be made at co-ordinate level if necessary.
  • Integration with HP UFT: MobileCloud integrates with HP’s test automation tool Unified Functional Testing. With this integration, MobileCloud actions are presented as an API to the Visual Basic scripts in UFT. This allows the logic and variables to be coded in Visual Basic and actions on the MobileCloud platform to be integrated with code and modules from outside the platform. Scripts are stored as UFT scritps and can therefore be managed and invoked by HP ALM / Quality Center.
  • Integration with Selenium: integration between MobileCloud Automation and Selenium works similarly to the integration between MobileCloud Automation and HP UFT. Perfecto provides an Eclipse plugin which allows access to MobileCloud Automation functions directly from a Selenium WebDriver script. The MobileCloud Automation actions are stored within a WebDriver script and the logic and variables can be coded in Java.
  • Integration with test management tools: MobileCloud Automation provides integration with HP ALM / Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager; and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. These integrations allow MobileCloud automation scripts to be managed by the test management tools and run in large suites of scripts against the application under test.
  • Reporting: a report is generated for each test execution. The report includes video of the actions performed, allowing for rapid diagnosis of the causes of failures in tests.