Mobile Cloud Interactive

What is it?

MobileCloud Interactive allows you to manipulate a mobile device through a browser. The mobile device sits in a data centre in which is installed Perfecto’s MobileCloud platform.Perfecto MobileCloud Interactive Devices The browser shows a real time view of the mobile device’s screen. Clicking on the browser representation of the screen has the same effect as a tap on the real device’s screen. The device is connected to a mobile network (e.g. Vodafone UK) and it is possible to do anything with it which could be done if the phone were in your hand.

Why is it useful?

Using remote access via a browser to devices on the MobileCloud platform, it is possible to do anything with the device that you could do if the device were held in the palm of your hand, except you do not have to buy the device and you can switch quickly from one device to another. It is also possible to test devices connected to mobile networks all over the world. From a single location it is possbile to test an app on devices connected to mobile networks in Europe, North America, Asia and elsewhere. Conversely, if your test team is distributed between Europe, Asia and North America, all members of the team can access a single device connected to a single network. This allows you to conduct tests efficiently on many different devices connected to many different networks from multiple locations around the world.

Key features

  • Manage multiple devices on multiple networks from your browser. The screenshot below shows an iPhone5 being manipulated alongside an HTC One.
  • Any operation is possible. You can test the device’s phone capabilities by making calls and exercising phone functionality such as roaming, voicemail, conferencing etc. You can also download any app and test the fuctionality of the app.
  • The whole team can view a single device from multiple locations, facilitating collaborative work.
  • Common device operations such as sending emails, texting or navigating to a URL are encapsualted in predefined widgets.