IBM Rational Tools and HP ALM integration with TaskTop Sync

TaskTop synchronizes information from various tools across the software lifecycle to enhance project governance and accelerate software delivery. This information can include system requirements, release information, software build information and testing assets.

Its most popularly used to achieve IBM Rational Tools and HP ALM integration to enable seamless workflows between these two different toolsets.

TaskTop works in the background, constantly updating the flow of information between different teams and their tools. Teams can make updates in real time providing greater visibility across entire projects. This eliminates the need for manual updates and enables powerful end-to-end automation of the software lifecycle.

Automation Consultants has successfully completed TaskTop assignments for the following companies:

Information synchronisation for wealth management software provider FNZ

This significantly reduced the costs of updating issues manually for FNZ and its customers including JP Morgan, AXA Life and Fidelity Investments.

Automation Consultants used TaskTop to synchronise issues from FNZ’s central HP Quality Center and Jira instances to its customer Quality Center installations. Customer issues became more visible and the costs of manual duplication were eliminated for both FNZ and its customers.


A synchronisation between HP Quality Center and IBM Rational Team Concert for British Telecom

This synchronisation enabled issue, release and build information to be passed between development and testing systems without manual intervention as part of an integrated lifecycle solution.


IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) and HP ALM integration for XOServe

This solution enabled business teams to use requirements features within RTC and outsourced teams to use testing features of HP ALM. In this way, end-to-end traceability was maintained between requirements generated in-house and tests created externally.

In order to facilitate the automation of workflow across the software cycle, Automation Consultants has also used TaskTop to synchronise data between HP Quality Center and Atlassian JIRA. This automation eliminated the cost of transferring data manually between tools to improve project governance across the software lifecycle.