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What is our development solution?

Atlassian provides a complete suite of tools to support your software development that employs the latest methodologies. With Bitbucket server (formerly Stash) or Bitbucket, Fisheye, and Crucible working in close integration, our development solution provides source code management based on Git, code reviews and a powerful code search facility. It integrates upstream with project management and downstream with continuous integration, enabling you to achieve quicker and more cost effective IT project delivery.

Our Atlassian development solution uses:

How does our development solution work?

At the centre of the development solution is Bitbucket server, a secure, collaborative enterprise-level tool, which serves as a wrapper around the Git source code repository. Bitbucket server provides secure access to a central copy of a Git repository and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Atlassian toolset. For example, it can enable work on code to be associated with tasks and issues in Jira and then update the issues automatically as code is checked in and out.

Bitbucket functions much like a cloud-based version of Bitbucket server, with added support for Mercurial alongside Git. It supplies storage and user privilege control and complements the rest of the Atlassian toolset. When a developer has committed changes to the local version of their code, Bitbucket will typically act as a virtual gatekeeper, verifying roles and login credentials as users attempt to access the repository and effecting more productive team collaboration.

Fisheye offers a read-only window into the Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories for the purpose of analysing and tracking code. With access to your project’s entire history of committed changes, it gives developers actionable insights into their code. The main features include a search function, visual reporting, and an email and RSS notification system, Fisheye supplies a convenient way to understand and manage your software development process.

The final element of the development solution, Crucible facilitates the review of source code by multiple developers and is compatible with a number of existing source code management tools. Peer review is an essential element of many development processes. This tool alerts team members to revisions before committal, and encourages open dialogue on changes made – as well as potentially identifying defects before they pose a serious problem.

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