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What can Atlassian tools be used for?

JIRA Agile Board

Jira and Confluence can be used for a wide range of business functions outside the realm of software development and IT. Jira’s issue tracking structure can be applied to any business process in which the basic unit of work can be described as an issue, including legal cases, human resources, operations and more.

General BusinessConfluence can be used as an organization’s knowledgebase. Documents can be drafted by subject matter experts, reviewed by their peers and then released to everyone in the organization. Readers can comment on and “like” documents, giving feedback to administrators and authors.

Jira and Confluence’s versatility and configurability, combined with a wide range of available plugins, allow almost any business process to be supported.

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Job Tracking for PR Agency

AC helped a PR agency track its jobs using Jira. The jobs consist of PR briefs containing the message the client wants to convey and the target media. Each job goes through a predefined workflow, involving assignment to copy writers and artists and multiple review cycles by the client, followed by final approval.

The Jira solution provides a major improvement over the previous job tracking method based on spreadsheets and Office documents. Jira regulates the deadline of each stage of the job, counts the review cycles, and tracks the approvals by authorised parties. Jira also stores the copy and the artwork associated with each job (files such as Word documents and images can be attached to each job) and the comments made by all parties as the job progresses.

Knowledgebase for Accounting Firm

AC helped an accounting firm to build a knowledgebase built on Confluence. The knowledgebase contains articles on different specialist accounting topics written by experts in each field. The writing and release of articles is controlled by a workflow and permissions system, so that only reviewed and approved articles can be generally viewed, and obsolete articles can be withdrawn. A comment and “like” system allows readers to give feedback on the articles.

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