Foundations of Jira

Empowering your team with Atlassian.

Course summary

Jira tracks more than just issues. Jira tracks everything.

This front-running project management product can be used to log, manage and track work for teams of all sizes and is pivotal for achieving goals in any project, from small to ambitious. In this Foundations of Jira course, the core building blocks of the product will be explored, along with the benefits to visibility and productivity that it brings to teams. Our aim is for this course to act as a stepping stone for anyone to utilise Jira to its fullest potential.

We think getting involved is the best way to learn, which is reflected in our three-tier approach. A balance of theory, demonstration and exploration will ensure attendees walk away being a competent and confident user of Jira.

Course objectives

This course is not simply a slideshow: each concept is accompanied by a deep dive into using Jira itself, strengthening the connection between theory and practice, with some helpful tips and tricks along the way. Working in projects, managing work with issues, prioritisation, keeping notified, tracking team work, searching for issues and conducting reports will all be covered. This will ensure that from the beginning to the end of your project, Jira is on hand to help.

The focus on understanding doesn't stop there: bespoke exercises provide opportunity to explore an actual Jira environment, pushing your skills to the next level.

Pre-requisites & audience

As this is a foundational course, no previous experience is required with Jira. We will build your knowledge, starting from the basics, with a real flavour of how Jira works in practice, ensuring every attendee can feel equipped to tackle projects in Jira.

Sign up today if you are:

  • Evaluating Jira for potential use within a company or a team.
  • Personally interested in learning the basics of Jira.
  • Returning to Jira and want a refresher on the fundementals.
  • An existing Jira user who wants to ensure they have a solid foundation of knowledge and make sure you are getting the most out of Jira.


Introduction to Jira

What is Atlassian Jira and how can it be utilised?

Applications and Benefits

What applications does Jira lend itself well to and what benefits can Jira bring to your team?

Jira Building Blocks

What are Issues, Projects, Dashboards, Workflows, Components, Boards and Versions, and how they can be utilised?

Agile Overview

What are agile methodologies and how can Jira facilitate them?

Issues – Deep Dive

How are individual pieces of work handled in Jira?

Projects – Deep Dive

How are packages of work tracked in Jira?

Dashboards in Jira

How do you display a graphical, up-to-date overview of your work on a landing page?

Exploring Jira Boards

How do you view and manage work in progress for Scrum and Kanban?

Workflows in Jira

How are processes enforced in Jira?

Searching and Filters

How do you find work relevant to you and your team? How does the Jira Query Language make searching powerful?

Reporting in Jira

How do you track the progress of work? How can you share reports?

Jira Extensions & Integrations

How can you extend Jira to adapt to every need?

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