Machine Leaning Techniques

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A number of different machine learning techniques are commonly used today. Different techniques are best suited to different problems. Some of the leading techniques are summarised below.

Logistic RegressionA method of classifying elements in a data set into different categories by estimating probabilities using a distribution function.Credit Scoring
Measuring success of marketing campaigns
Classification TreeA hierarchy of binary classification questions used to classify input data. A set of trees is sometimes used in parallel to reduce the risk overspecialisation of a single tree.Fraud detectionMedical diagnosis

Customer behaviour prediction

Deep LearningMulti-layered neural network, a network which imitates the function of a biological brain.Computer visionNatural language processing
Support Vector MachinesThis methods seeks to find a mathematical function which correctly splits a set of data points into two categories.display advertisingimage-based gender detection

large-scale image classification

Naive BayesA classification model based on application of Bayes’ theorem for a set of variables. It is ‘naive’ because it assumes that the variables are completely independent.Email spam recognitionNews article classification

Face recognition

Automation Consultants has knowledge of all the above techniques and will employ the method best suited to your goals and your data.

Although the method is important, the quantity and quality of available data is perhaps even more so. Analysing and cleaning the data is a critical part of a successful ML project.

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