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The software development industry has embraced agile wholeheartedly, leading to increased productivity and shorter development timeframes in many organisations. As a leading agile consultancy we understand the transition to agile is not always plain sailing. Quite often it’s easier to talk about being agile than it is to enact the cultural changes required to practice agile methodology in full.

Many development teams have stubbornly stuck to producing software using waterfall techniques despite the disproportionate amount of time taken to write the necessary documentation, and the delays incurred by changes to the project’s requirements and design.

In our agile consultancy work, we can address these issues by identifying the skills required to transition to agile successfully. We provide the necessary training, equip the team with appropriate software tools and offer ongoing mentoring at every level to ensure new techniques and working practices bed in. We help your teams put agile best practice in place, all based on the agile methods we employ ourselves as experienced developers and integrators.

Automation Consultants has worked as an agile consultancy with companies in the public and private sectors, helping them put in place the frameworks needed for agile development.
We’re able to operate:

  • As a mentor: guiding in-house development teams with the latest agile knowledge, as we did when implementing tooling for agile methodology at ONS
  • As a training partner: providing development teams with the skills they need to work in an agile setting, for example showing KPMG how to use IBM’s Rational tools
  • With developers in multiple locations: helping developers understand how to use agile collaboration software to maximum effect, so the difficulties of working in multiple locations are mitigated

We practice what we preach, too – as well as working as agile consultants we develop our own software using agile methods. In fact, that’s how our agile consultancy began!

Talk to us today to discover how our expert consultants can help you become more agile in your approach.

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