Agile services

Agile software development is an iterative and collaborative process, where the focus is on delivery of working software in small, verifiable increments, in close collaboration with users. This methodology avoids the risks of long periods of development without testing or user consultation and thus helps agile practitioners to produce high quality software in a cost effective and timely manner.

Agile software development can bring the following benefits:

  • Better alignment of business requirements to IT software delivery
  • Better project delivery, on time, to budget with a higher level of quality
  • Enables agile practitioners to shorten software time-to-market
  • Early detection and immediate addressing of risks
  • Minimisation of costly change and rework
  • Optimisation of IT costs, while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction

We enable our customers to adopt and optimise their agile software development with the following service offerings:

Agile Kick Start

Knowing where you want to get to and getting there are two different things. While simple in concept, the move to agile is not without its challenges. The agile practitioners at Automation Consultants use the latest software life cycle tools, processes and technology to assist the move from your current methodology to an agile one. We are able to provide experienced agile practitioners to work with your business and your IT department to make a successful transition to this development methodology. This includes coaching and mentoring where applicable.

Agile Review

Having adopted agile software development, the process might not always return the benefits and advantages expected. Our agile practitioners help companies realise the benefits of agile with the following services:

  • A review of your current agile practices, processes and ceremonies, identifying any shortcomings and recommending the most appropriate corrective action
  • Consultancy to ensure complete understanding, involvement and responsibilities of the agile process
  • A review of the IT department’s agile software development ‘ceremonies’ to ensure they are being performed without impediment and in a consistent and efficient manner
  • Delivery of an agreed plan of action to rectify any issues found with either the business or IT sector of your business