Test Management

We offer a comprehensive software testing management service including the creation of test strategies, test plans, test resourcing and test scheduling. Our test management service includes:

Test management resources

At Automation Consultants we understand that software testing can account for a significant portion of a project budget. We therefore provide test managers with exceptional software life cycle technical expertise who are aware of the time pressures that can affect the test phase of a project. These managers understand that software testing needs to be delivered on time and within cost constraints, but they also recognise the importance of not compromising software quality in the race for project completion. From this comes an awareness of the balance between the cost of testing and the risk of not doing so, and the need to present the customer with an accurate picture of this balance. This enables you to make good decisions on the amount of time and money to invest in testing.

Test strategy

As part of our testing service, we develop software testing strategies to fit your project requirements. We appreciate that not all projects are the same and different test strategies will need to be applied depending on the nature of the target software. Our wealth of experience in testing across a wide range of industry sectors and technologies enables us to provide the right software testing strategy to fit your project in the minimum timescales.

Outsourced testing

We offer a complete outsourced testing service including both functional and non-functional test outsourcing. We understand the importance of being flexible with our customers and the importance of communication and interacting with the wider project team. Part of this interaction involves the role of our software testing mangers who co-ordinate and manage the delivery of the testing service to our clients. We offer cost efficient outsourcing that can provide both offshore and onshore options.