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Testing lends itself well to automation and is one of the most mature areas of the software lifecycle as regards automation. Most functional tests can be automated, and some non-functional tests, such as performance tests, are only practical with automation.

Functional Testing

Functional test automation is particularly valuable in regression tests – tests to ensure that parts of a software system which have not been changed are unaffected by changes elsewhere. (Software is sufficiently complex that it is normal practice to test an entire system even when only small parts of it have been changed). Regression testing is particularly common in agile development, which takes place in short iterative “sprints” of development. It is common to test the entire system with every sprint. For this, automation is essential.

The early stage of testing – unit testing – is normally performed by developers using tools such as JUnit and NUnit. In fact, a common development methodology, Test Driven Development, prescribes writing the test for every piece of functionality before the code itself is written. In later stages of testing, the tests are oriented towards testing business-relevant functionality rather than individual units of code, and tools are used which test the code from the user’s perspective.

Automation Consultants has over fifteen years’ experience in this kind of functional test automation, using a wide variety of tools. These include HPE UFT, Selenium, Ranorex, TestComplete, eggPlant and Squish. We offer consultancy on functional testing including manual testing as well as automated testing, where best to apply automation and the enablement of your test teams in automated testing techniques.

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Non Functional Testing

Non functional testing includes all tests which are not concerned with checking the system’s functionality. Such tests include performance tests, resilience tests and security tests. Automation Consultants has experience in all these types of tests, especially performance tesing. Tools used include HPE LoadRunner / Performance Center, Rational Performance Tester, QA Load, Grinder and Microsoft Visual Stusio, which incorporates a performance testing tool.

Automation Consultants offers consultancy in non-functional testing and sells the following non-functional test tools


Test Management

A software system of any complexity will require hundreds or thousands of tests to test it fully, and managing these tests is difficult without a tool designed for the purpose. Test management tools store test cases, map tests to requirements, log the execution and the results of tests and track defects (bugs).

Automation Consultants offers consultancy in test management and sells the following leading test mangement tools.

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