Capacity Planning

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IT capacity planning determines the IT production capacity needed by an organisation to meet the demands of its user base. Those demands are often rapidly changing, which adds to the challenge. Our capacity planning service enables clients to predict their capacity requirements now and over the lifetime of their systems.

Our capacity planning services can be used for software, hardware and infrastructure components, and our highly-skilled staff can help deliver the key components of the process by:

  • Identifying the key business processes
  • Defining the workload of the system
  • Modelling the workload
  • Predicting the capacity of the system using a capacity model
  • Comparing the capacity model to real usage and adapting it where necessary

Capacity planning provides assurance that a system will scale into the future and is a relatively low cost alternative to physical load testing. In delivering the service, we use well established methods, e.g. Little’s Law, its own tools and industry-leading capacity planning tools such as CA Capacity Manager (formerly Hyperformix).

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