Hosted website load Testing

Our remotely hosted web load testing software provides an independent assessment of your website’s performance under load.

Our software life cycle experts build load test scenarios to reflect your end user traffic and direct this load via the internet to your website. In this way, we can simulate high volumes of users in real-life scenarios using our load testing software and identify any performance bottlenecks in your web architecture.

We also provide a diagnostics service in which we pin-point performance bottlenecks and provide a fault resolution service.

Some of the benefits of engaging our hosted load testing services include:

  • A reduction in the overhead of your load testing infrastructure by using our test lab and load injectors
  • Reduced resource costs, as our service removes the need to hire expensive performance testing professionals
  • No more building of complex automated scripts for performance testing your website
  • We have exceptional software lifecycle technical expertise and some of the most highly-skilled staff around with extensive experience of load testing web applications over the past twelve years