Mobile app testing

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Mobile app testing

Mobile app usage is growing rapidly. This means that there is enormous demand for mobile software development, and subsequently mobile app testing has to move fast to keep up.

Conventional test automation and performance testing tools are not easily adapted to mobile; instead there are now specifically designed mobile test tools and environments. Our partnership with Perfecto Mobile provides us with access to the very best of these tools. The combination of these tools and over 15 years of software lifecycle experience and expertise, is why we’re one of the best mobile app testing consultancies in the UK.

Mobile hardware is driven by consumer demand, and its refresh cycle is much shorter than PCs and other corporate hardware. Companies must keep up with this faster pace of change. They cannot mandate the use of legacy hardware because it works best with certain software, as is often the case with PCs. Your corporate apps, even if they are for internal use only and have no direct consumer interaction, have to move with a cycle of change driven by consumer demand. This makes comprehensive, fast mobile app testing, critical to the success of your mobile operations.

The consumer-facing banking sector is a great example of a competitive, ever-growing space, with more and more apps vying for attention – improving and updating these apps to refine user functionality while maintaining or even tightening security is happening at a frenetic pace and all of these updates require comprehensive testing.

Automated testing is fast becoming essential in order to keep up with these very rapid release cycles. With the best tools it is possible to use the same test script across multiple mobile devices and operating systems. This means you don’t have to re-record scripts for each device tested, or have a separate automated script per device, saving huge amounts of time and money compared to manual testing.

Speak to our experienced software testers to discover how we can help with your mobile app testing needs.

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