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Performance TestingSimulation Modeling, and Performance Analysis are the three techniques of performance evaluation.

If your project is in its earliest phases, or has complex relationships which preclude traditional performance testing, our performance analysis solution and analysts can help you make your goals.

Our Performance Analysis offerings are present in each phase of our Performance Engineering solutions and have been utilised by our family of satisfied customers as the primary technique to validate another technique or to extend another technique’s capabilities. Performance Analysis is a staple of our Performance Engineering portfolio to rapidly deliver high impact, accurate, meaningful information.

We begin by utilising a systematic approach aimed at establishing the environment, understanding the problem, setting valuable goals and validating unbiased deliverables. Our versatilist performance team are individually knowledgeable on a number of varying IT disciplines and all are certified and capable Performance Analysts. Our performance team are, have been, and can be responsible for managing large migrations, application roll-outs, or even isolating a nasty bottleneck in a veritable haystack of effected systems.

Our Performance Analysis offerings are available packaged with our other offerings or à la carte for technical and logistical discussions. Our family of satisfied customers have utilised our performance analysis offerings to solve:

Transformative or weighted performance analysis during testing of applications on shared environments
Qualitative analysis of throughput during migratory exercises
Analysis of variance and queuing theory to better understand and explain a recently sourced application’s flow
Pin-point bottleneck isolation for a major application’s infrastructure
Linear regression analysis using samples and population for confident tests
Other common utilisations of our performance analysis offerings are regression testing across stress testing scenario’s, statistical analysis of queueing systems, and capacity planning early in the systems development life cycle. Regression testing is a standard option with our Performance and Stress Testing offerings.

Raw analytical strength, versatility and systematic approach is what sets our versatilist team of performance engineers apart from the stock-and-grade testers or analysts available anywhere else.

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