Performance Engineering and Modelling

Choosing the optimal hardware and software configuration for a new system or a system upgrade can be difficult. The following questions are often asked:

  • What are the optimal hardware and software specifications?
  • Is there enough bandwidth available on the network?
  • Will my choices be future proof?

Our expert consultants can help you answer many of these questions prior to deployment using performance engineering techniques. Performance engineering allows you to build a predictive model of the system infrastructure before conducting performance testing. This enables the modelling of component/infrastructure changes as part of a ‘what if’ analysis. Performance bottlenecks and problems can be identified early in the software lifecycle using predictive performance modelling combined with performance testing.

Performance models can also be scaled up to simulate expected future use and thus help build in an appropriate level of spare capacity to accommodate growth.

Additional business insight can be gained using performance modelling as an accurate model of the infrastructure, which can include profiles and characteristics of individual workloads and users.