Types of Performance Testing

Automation Consultants offers the following types of performance testing. A single performance test assignment normally involves a blend of these types of test.

Load Testing A test to measure the performance of a system under a specified level of load.
Stress Testing A test in which the load on a system is progressively increased until performance degrades below a specified level. The test finds the maximum load the system can support.
Volume Testing A test in which the volume of data in the system is set to a realistic or pre-agreed level. The performance of a system on an empty database is normally better than that on a database with a realistic volume of data.
Soak Or Stability Testing A soak or stability test measures the system’s stability over time by placing it under load for an extended period. This type of test can expose such problems as memory leaks.
Custom Testing Not all IT systems follow the most common topologies or lend themselves neatly to the above types of test. Automation Consultants has experience in producing custom performance tests and the necessary software utilities for this.
Performance Modelling And Prediction It can sometimes be far cheaper to create a model of an IT system and predict its performance instead of performance testing it. This is most often the case when some aspects of a system with known performance are to be changed.