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Early adoption and profuse growth

Many organisations have seen rapid growth of Atlassian products and independent adoption by multiple different teams. Those teams have benefited hugely from the power and flexibility of Atlassian tools and have grown to like and rely on them.

Sometimes the teams seek resources and help from the IT department in getting started with Atlassian, sometimes they set up cloud instances in complete independence. This can lead to an abundance of different Atlassian instances across the organisation.

The risks of success

This rapid and uncontrolled growth is often a symptom of success, and the creativity that goes with it can be highly desirable, but for larger organisations in particular it can bring some concerns, including:

> Reduced levels of security

Each instance has its own user base, with no central control of passwords and permissions. As users over time leave the organisation, their credentials are not always removed, causing potential security problems.

> Difficulty of support

With many different instances using many different infrastructure options (e.g. some in the cloud, some hosted locally with different databases, operating systems and network topologies), support becomes much more complex.

> Inefficient licensing expenditure

The profusion of small licences can lead to a much more expensive cost per user licence than would be the case with a single, rationalised set of licences purchased by the organisation.

The Atlassian Enterprise solution

If these issues apply to your organisation, then Atlassian Enterprise is for you.

Atlassian Enterprise gives you:

High capacity products:

Automation Consultants can supply Datacenter editions of Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and BitBucket.

These high-capacity, enterprise versions of Atlassian’s leading products enable you to consolidate a large user base onto a single instance. Datacenter editions give you all the functionality of Jira, Confluence and BitBucket with scale and redundancy.

Datacenter products can be deployed across multiple clustered app server nodes and manage contention so as to enable simultaneous updates to the same data without one or both of the updates being lost (“cluster panic”). The additional nodes also provide more capacity and more resilience. If one node fails, the others keep going and the system stays up.

In addition to redundancy in the app server layer, Atlassian Enterprise products are compatible with clustered topologies in the database layer and shared file systems. This provides the same benefits of increased capacity and increased resilience to the database layer and in flat file storage.

A clear migration path:

Automation Consultants can help you take control of disparate Atlassian products being used across your organisation. Our expert team can ensure a smooth transition to a smaller number of instances, running on supported infrastructure and integrated with your LDAP system. AC has proven experience of installing, changing and maintaining Atlassian products in enterprise-level IT departments and can help with:


What Atlassian assets do you have? What are they being used for?

>Infrastructure design

What is the best way to host your Atlassian systems and how should the different elements be connected to each other? How much (virtual) hardware do you need? How to install such features as encryption, reverse proxies and clustering, if required.

> Consolidation

If you need to migrate systems to different infrastructure, often consolidating onto standardised platforms, how to migrate your data without loss or unplanned downtime.

>User and role management

How to integrate your Atlassian systems with Active Directory or other LDAP systems; how to ensure that users have appropriate permissions. If this is done well, your users can enjoy all the flexibility and creativity they would have with their own copy of Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence or BitBucket, but with much greater security and ease of support.

Specialist support:

Atlassian provides its own technical staff to provide support to larger customers. The following options are available.

>Premier support

Enhanced SLAs, round the clock support, senior engineers will know your environment’s main characteristics.

>Technical account manager (TAM)

A named Atlassian technical manager who will understand your technical situation and requirements and ensure your issues receive the right attention within Atlassian

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