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Atlassian’s software suite is diverse and able to address many different operational needs: it encompasses the areas of development, service desk solutions, testing, and continuous integration – amongst others.

Most Atlassian products are available both in the cloud and hosted on the user’s own servers. Hosting an Atlassian solution locally allows full control of security and upgrades. It is possible to stay on the same version of an Atlassian product indefinitely, whereas the cloud version is frequently updated. Local hosting also permits a high degree of customisation; many add-ons are only available for locally hosted Atlassian products.

Cloud hosting, by contrast, is convenient, enabling instant web access and lower capex – it’s particularly useful for those without an in-house IT support capability. However, it has a lesser capacity for customisation because fewer add-ons are available. With an application like Jira – where the extensive list of add-ons available in the Atlassian marketplace is part of its utility – this can be a major issue.

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Our Atlassian hosting enables businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds; merging the advantages of cloud and on-premise hosting and minimising the respective difficulties: your solution will be hosted in a secure data centre and incorporate whatever options you require.

With no on-premise servers, you will save the money, space, and time you would have spent maintaining your systems and resolving IT issues. With the ability to speedily add new plugins and multiple configurations, you are able to use Atlassian’s software safely, effectively, and in exactly the way your team requires.

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