Atlassian Hosting

Atlassian’s software suite is very diverse, enabling it to address many different operational needs. Its products support critical activities such as issue tracking, project management, team collaboration, customer service, testing, and continuous integration – amongst others.

Depending on your Atlassian hosting option, you will get access to 3,000 performance-boosting Apps (add-ons) on the Atlassian Marketplace. So, it’s worth exploring the different hosting options to find one that will work for your organisation.

At Automation Consultants, our Atlassian hosting offering includes:

  • Access to fully qualified Atlassian Platinum Solution Experts
  • Access to Atlassian Data Center App experts
  • No restrictions on the number of Apps you can install
  • No time wasted on administration and set up – we’ll do it all for you
  • Support and monitoring available 24/7
  • Try before you buy with a 14 day free trial for yearly plans and a money-back guarantee for monthly plans
  • Use your own domain name or an SSL-secured address under our domain
  • Backups and maintenance conducted daily

Most of Atlassian’s products are available via the Cloud (Atlassian Cloud), or can be hosted on an organisation’s own Servers (Atlassian Server) / Data Center (Atlassian Data Center). Self-hosted can be set up on either your own servers or those owned and operated by a managed hosting provider. Creating your own Atlassian instance and taking control of hosting allows full control of security and upgrades.

Hosting via Atlassian Data Center initially costs more but it is more robust by comparison. It permits multiple application servers, which means that it can handle more users and has higher availability (if one server was to fail or need updating, the others will keep running).

You can stay on the same version of an Atlassian product indefinitely with local hosting, whereas the cloud version is frequently updated. Local hosting also permits a high degree of customisation; many add-ons are only available for locally hosted Atlassian products.

Hosting via the Atlassian Cloud, by contrast, is convenient, enabling instant web access and lower capex – it’s particularly useful for those without an in-house IT support capability. However, it has a smaller user count and a lesser capacity for customisation because fewer Apps are available. With an application like Jira – where the extensive list of apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace is part of its utility – this can be a major issue.

Jira Hosting

Jira is an all-encompassing project management tool. It can help you manage workflows, permissions and create reports. Jira hosting options include the Atlassian Cloud, Server and Data Center. The Jira Software Data Center deployment option permits multiple application servers, which makes it scalable and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Jira Apps created by Automation Consultants include:

If you’re not ready for Jira Software Data Center then check out the list of Server versions available for download.

Confluence Hosting

Atlassian Confluence is a tool to encourage and help collaboration. Teams can share tasks and create documents all in the same place. It’s designed to encourage teams to store what they’re working on in a single place. Confluence hosting options include the Atlassian Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Confluence Apps created by Automation Consultants include:

If you’re not ready for Confluence Data Center then click here for a list of Server versions available for download.

Bitbucket Hosting

Atlassian Bitbucket can be used for Git or Mercurial source code control, extra storage and access control. It also integrates with Jira and other Atlassian products. The Bitbucket hosting options are either in the Atlassian Cloud or as a locally hosted (Server or Data Center) instance. The locally hosted version is also known as Atlassian Bitbucket Server (formerly Atlassian Stash) and provides a superior level of security and control by comparison to the cloud-based solution

If you’re not ready for Bitbucket Data Center then click here for a list of Server versions available for download.

Our Atlassian Hosting Solutions

Our Atlassian hosting solutions enable businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds; merging the advantages of Cloud and on-premise hosting and minimising the respective difficulties: your solution will be hosted in a secure Data Center and incorporate whatever options you require.

We will set everything up for you and our Support team is available 24/7. Our automated monitoring also works 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about downtime or updates interrupting your work day. For peace of mind we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for monthly plans or 14-day free trial for yearly plans, so you can trial our Atlassian hosting options with little risk or disruption.

We’ll provide fully managed, ready to use instances of your applications installed in our hosted Data Center environment and ready to go. They won’t be shared, and you’ll still have the ability to use your own domain name – but it will be SSL-secured under ours.

With no on-premise servers, you will save the money, space, and time you would have spent maintaining your systems and resolving IT issues. With the ability to speedily add new Apps and multiple configurations, you are able to use Atlassian’s software safely, effectively, and in exactly the way your team requires. We’ll provide the professional administration and daily backups that you need to keep everything running, whilst you install and use any Apps you want with no restrictions.

Automation Consultants is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

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