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Crucible training

Atlassian Crucible is a web-based code review application designed for easy peer review of software source code within development teams. It is built to complement and seamlessly integrate with other tools in the Atlassian software suite.

In addition to Crucible training, Automation Consultants offers training services for other key Atlassian products, such as Jira, Fisheye, Bitbucket and Confluence.

Why use Atlassian Crucible?

Atlassian Crucible helps software development colleagues work together better by organising and tracking code reviews. An author or project manager can initiate a code review covering a particular piece of code, normally a piece that is about to be committed to the source code repository.

Teams are alerted via email or RSS and all changes are tracked and recorded to show which developer is responsible for what changes. To improve the quality of communication and collaboration within teams, the comment function allows multiple contributions. Comments and dialogue between reviewers can be embedded inline with the code.

Any comments that need further discussion can be bookmarked and returned to later. All reviewers can view any amendments or conversations to ensure that every alteration to the source code is agreed upon collectively. This synchronised peer review policy means that all changes can be approved collectively and in good time.

Without Atlassian Crucible, peer reviews would be conducted by email, and comments could not be embedded in the code. Reviews would be take longer and there would be more potential for comments to be lost or otherwise not taken into account.

Crucible helps identify potential bugs before code is committed. It’s much easier and cheaper to fix defects in the early stage of software development. Atlassian Crucible saves time and money by testing and solving problems before final implementation.

Although the software is relatively easy to use, full understanding of it and best use of its features can be gained rapidly by attending Automation Consultants’ Crucible training course. Staff who attend instructor-led training courses are quicker to gain a firm, in-depth understanding of the tool’s features and functions.

Our Atlassian Crucible training course

Crucible is very often used in conjunction with Fisheye, and the course covers both products. Fisheye provides a powerful capability to search source code, monitor changes and keep tabs on the code being produced, which complements the code review functionality provided by Crucible.

We offer an interactive Crucible training course that helps development teams put this software to more effective use.

Topics covered in the combined Fisheye/Crucible training course:

  • What is Fisheye?
  • What is Crucible?
  • Fisheye activity streams, searches and differences
  • Defining and executing Crucible review workflows
  • Integration of Fisheye and Crucible with Jira

Course outline:

  • Duration: half a day
  • Price: £250 per delegate (Minimum 3 delegates, maximum 10 delegates for instructor-led courses)
  • Format: Instructor-led or Webinar

Our Crucible training offers:

  • Face to face training on all Atlassian products
  • Standard course
  • Customised courses with bespoke training based on company specific requirements (online, at our site in Reading, or at our customers’ premises)
  • Refresher courses (stay up-to-date on software updates)

We are very experienced in providing Atlassian training across the entire software lifecycle. We will help your staff become proficient at using Crucible as quickly as possible and get your systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about our Atlassian Crucible training course.

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